“We see thru eyes still fresh from childhood. However far removed, we focus on the familiar. We remember so that we may return to the familiar thread which links each piece, each body, each group of bodies, together.

But oftentimes nostalgia does not reflect reality. Sometimes we must construct our own nostalgia, out of our memories and our dreams. Our half-truths and hallucinations. Out of almost’s and could be’s. Reality becomes relative, but remains “real.”
We invite you into our conversation, our growth, our memories and fantasies. We invite you into our temporary pause, a collection of moments between moments. One pause responds to another, one moment passes into the next.”

mica england

Mica is a photographer and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up in such a diverse and inclusive environment played a fundamental role in shaping her photography, politics, and personality. As a child, the written word flowed naturally for her. Even now, the development of a concept precedes its imagery.  Each project is a confluence of the seen and the unseen; the visual and the written; the external and the internal. Her work has been featured in several juried shows, including Academy of Art’s Spring Show in both Fine Art and Photography. After graduating from Academy of Art University in May 2017, she has gone on to become stARTup Art Fair’s Content Curator and General Admin. Mica uses both “she” and “they” pronouns.

madeline dignadice

Madeline is a fine art photographer currently living in San Francisco. Born in Santa Clarita, CA, Madeline participated in cross country and track in high school, and continued at the collegiate level. In her second year, she fractured her navicular bone from overuse and had to take time off from running. During her recovery, Madeline was forced to reconcile with her own body, taking in the imperfections and awkwardness of its changes, and learning to find comfort in them. This influenced her work as she began to explore the relationship between her emotional memories and the form of the female nude. She captures passing moments of bare intimacy and vulnerability, often reflecting her deepest memories of authentic love. Maddie’s work has been shown in several group shows at the Academy of Art University.

maddie shelton

Maddie Shelton is a Colorado native who traveled to San Francisco in order to pursue her photographic career. She is a fine art photographer, who shoots 35mm film, but also incorporates collage and mixed media in her work, which allows her to emphasize feelings of struggle and of longing for home. Maddie’s photographic vision is driven almost purely by nostalgia, embracing an idealistic aesthetic which belies the truth behind the imperfect facade. The resulting work reveals an ongoing search to find her identity and sense of belonging within these perfectly imperfect homes.
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